Monday, May 31, 2010

The jedi will fall

The dark side is strong in this one.


We were browsing through our lego bins and found what we believe to be rare lego obects (please comment if you KNOW( not think) that any of these are not rare).

Take us to your leader!!

Check out these old lego aliens(no longer in production).

Watch your back!

We made a custom gatling gun and a twin barreled pistol.

The coolest assasin minifigs ever !!

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Let the force be with you

( top:war)
Jedi + Sith = UH,OH

Cover my flank!!!!!

It is an escourt fighter for the steam punk airship comlete with swivle mounted turret, gunner, and piolet.

Steampunk ground force

Extreme truckers.....they're highly trianed explorers with a big gun.

We have lift off!!

The steampunk airship with mounted swivle cannons will take on all challengers!!!!
It also, has the 31st airborne division ready to jump.

They're rough, though, and ready to rumble.